Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Charlotte! (13 March 2012)

On March 13, Charlotte was finally born. This little sweetheart gave me quite the time of it while in the womb. I was done being pregnant, but more than that I was ready to meet this little angel.

She looked a lot like Juliet did when she was born. But Charlotte has the Johnson nose! We were pretty sure the Buckley nose would win out over anything else (it had with all the great-grandkids so far), but Charlotte is all Johnson!


While in the hospital, Juliet was not too sure about this new little creature.


But as soon as we were home, they fell right in to rhythm with each other. Juliet is the perfect big sister: very loving and protective. Juliet even showed Charlotte how to play with her toys.

 And of course Dan fell in love with Charlotte immediately.

And I could not have been happier.

My girls are wonderful, and they love each other. But being a big sister can tire a girl out!


KaRynn said...

Aww. Sweet Charlotte. You never ended up calling her Lotty, huh? I always knew that wouldn't stick. ;D

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

Love you above ALL!