Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to Host a Murder

Last night Dan and I went to a Murder Mystery Party. I've always wanted to do one, so I was excited. All the costumes were pretty amazing, and we all stayed in character...most of the time.

I even got some extra use out of an old prom dress by adding a boa and a couple other alterations. We couldn't find any chocolate cigars in time though, so I had to make one out of scrapbook paper for Dan.

Life With Juliet

My mom came to visit me (really Juliet, but we'll keep up the masquerade) last week. Now that she has gone home again, I know how much she is missing life with me (again, really Juliet). So I thought I would post some pictures to remind her of the joy I (Juliet) bring to everyday life.

Sometimes, Juliet looks like she's straight out of Where the Wild Things Are with her crazy hair and squash all over her face (and hands, and hair, and stomach, and legs, etc., etc., etc.)...

She gnaws on anything she can get her two little teeth on - fingers and feet (not necessarily her own), toys, books, furniture...

And as long as she has someone or something to play with (better yet, both: Daddy and a swing) she couldn't be happier!