Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Construction Game

While our Thanksgiving Weekend activities were both many and adventurous (Daniel did buy new jeans after all!), none has been so advantageous as purchasing The Construction Game.

This knock-off of The Farming Game is fantastic! We've spent hours playing it just the two of us already. It's not just that our family has a partiality to all things construction, or that it has a partiality to all things competitive - it's that our family has a partiality to all things that are competitively construction-esque (think the "measuring game"). We're going to bring it home for Christmas so that the whole competitive construction-loving Johnson clan can try their hand at the world's latest gaming wonder.

Daniel Sings Ray Charles and Barney

Before his mission, Daniel had his wisdom teeth taken out - and his friends were kind enough to record his recovery. He is so proud of this moment in his life that he wanted it posted for all the world to see. Turn it up to get the best out of it!