Friday, June 28, 2013

Still Catching Up

After Charlotte was born, all the grandparents came to visit. Bud and Leslie were making the rounds, so to speak, so were only able to stay a few days. But my mom got to stay for two weeks! And let me tell you, she saved me in those early days after my children doubled in quantity. She cooked, she cleaned, she entertained Juliet, and SHE LET ME SLEEP.  The woman is a saint.

Dan blessed Charlotte on Easter in a dress made especially for her by Grandma Chapman. My mom was able to be there, and Brent made the drive up, too.  

 No pictures, please.

We all celebrated Easter at the Ashworths' (and aren't they wonderful for always adopting us for the holidays?) 

Dan exclaimed, "That dress is wider than she is long!"

Juliet wasn't so thrilled about having her picture taken.

And later we had an Easter egg hunt in the park.

Charlotte didn't really care a whole lot.

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