Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Meat I Shall Not Eat"

Sometimes Daniel gets a little bored while I'm at work all day, so we try to think up projects for him to do. We recently decided that our cooking utensil drawer (the one that holds ladles, scrapers, servers, wooded spoons, etc.) was way too crowded. After trying drawer separators to keep things organized (which they certainly did not) we thought we'd put some of the bigger utensils in a container on the counter next to the stove. The only container we had on hand was the cardboard oatmeal canister which worked perfectly size-wise but was ugly and was clearly an oatmeal canister as it sported pictures of oats. But Daniel, the fearlessly creative leader said, "Don't worry. I'll draw a picture on it."
I came home last night from work and, sure enough, he had drawn a picture on it: a cluster of little chicks with the title "Meat I Shall Not Eat" above them. He also said that, possibly, his next project will be an apron for me. This will have a chick as well, but it will state, "I Am Not a Nugget!"


Paul and Christy Johnson said...

wow daniel, you are quite the artist. How creative that you used an oatmeal container. I am impressed.
I was so excited to find your blog. I didn't know you had one. Man daniel, you need to work on not loosing so many things, you are worse than me, and ask paul, I am bad.
We are excited to see you for christmas. It is just a few weeks away.

Shem said...

He drew that? Wow. Very nice.