Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Maybe You Won't Kill All of Our Kids After All." - Daniel

The history behind the quote: When we first started dating, Daniel gave me a plant (his theory being that flowers die and are, therefore, a waste of money). I simply and swiftly killed it. In fact, I loved the plant to death. I watered it each time it looked a little wilted - it continued to look wilted and I continued to water it. It soon drowned. A few months later, Daniel gave me another plant. My mother (supposedly joking) said that it was probably my last chance if he was testing me to see if I would be able to keep children alive. I took great care of this second plant. I took it to college with me and it stayed in the dorm. Throughout the year it got smaller and smaller as parts of it died due to the little light that it received. By the beginning of my second year at college, it was only about a centimeter tall, at which point it finally gave up. Since Daniel was on his mission by this point, I mailed all that was left of the plant and promised him that it was no indication of the kind of mother I would be.
So this year for Daniel's birthday, I got him a plant. It's been thriving quite well in our sunny study where it sits by the window. I dutifully water it (but only twice a week as per the directions that came on the label). One day, Daniel went to examine the new blossoms. When he turned around, he tactfully said, "Maybe you won't kill all of our kids after all."
What a wonderfully loving, supportive, confident in my abilities husband I have.


Marie said...

Hahaha. Adam has the same theory about flowers dying and all... it's like they're brothers or something!

Jenn said...

You haven't killed my kids yet...and I even left you with them overnight! :) I have faith.

Eric's theory is that you shouldn't give flowers for "events" should give them randomly.

I've been randomly waiting for....let's say "many" years now. :)

KaRynn said...

Hahahaha. You forgot about the few plants you had between the last plant you killed and this current thriving plant. You have killed a few more while living with me--with the specific intent of trying to keep it alive! =D

Book Worm & Builder Bob said...

Stop being so cruel, KaRynn. There was only one additional plant that I killed. And that was only due to the fact that I had to put it outside in winter because of the lack of sunlight in our apartment.

Shem said...

Melissa... Plants and children are totally different. You can ignore, over-water, under-water, over-feed, under-feed and throw away a plant with no complaints.

I promise you, a child will not stand for any of that treatment and will let you know about it quite vocally.

You'll be fine.