Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Went Swimming

On Saturday, we took Juliet swimming for the first time. Of course we took pictures, and of course we had to put them up here. She thought it was all fine and dandy until we took her into the pool with a bunch of people she didn't know. She was completely stone-faced the entire time - she didn't scream, but she also refused to smile. Towards the end we got her to splash in the water a little bit, but she really doesn't like new situation...we'll try again sometime soon.
See the two teeth?

Loving the sunglasses

See how she's concerned?

I made him squint into the sun...sorry, Dan.


Marie said...

she's such a cute baby! thanks for the pictures! hopefully she'll come to enjoy swimming. :)

KaRynn Sheranian said...

where did you end up going to swim?