Monday, June 21, 2010

I Think We Figured It Out!

It is possible (just possible) that we have curbed the rate of losing in this family. Let me clarify - I'm talking about misplacing objects of importance, not coming in last in a game or competition. For Father's Day, Dan got some pictures of Juliet, some A&W Root Beer, and.....LABELS! Last month, as I was perusing my parenting magazine (oddly enough entitled Parenting), I came across an ad for ID labels to stick on kids' things: cups, shoes, clothes, bags, so that when they are lost they can again be found. Does it sound like our family might need something of this sort? In a rare stroke of genius, I decided to check out the website. I promptly decided these labels were exactly what we needed. Dan now has labels designed to go on clothing tags, shoes, dishes and things of that sort, and dog-tag-like labels to go on bags. Most of Dan's belongings can now have his name and phone number on them! So far, I have only tagged his lunch box, keys, and wallet (the winter coat and gloves will come in due time), but I'm feeling pretty good about the situation. If it is lost, it can be returned! Thank you Mabel's Labels!

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