Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poo-splosion in Our Bed

The wonders of parenting have begun. A couple nights ago, I had just finished a 2:30 am feeding with our beautiful baby girl, Juliet, when I noticed her dirty diaper. No problem, I thought, the feeding had gone quickly and well. A dirty diaper was not going to stand in my way. As I was changing the diaper, I noticed a particularly dangerous expression on my dear daughter's lovely face: the poop face. It looks something like this:

I dove to cover her with one of the two diapers sitting there on the bed, but, alas, I was too late. Within seconds there was a foot-long stretch of projectile poo all over our bed. After washing the sheets in the bathroom sink (we don't have a washer, so we had to wait until morning for the laundromat), we were all able to get back to bed around 3:30.

I now use a GIANT changing pad when I change her diaper at night instead of assuming that the diaper underneath her bare tush will sufficiently catch any untimely secretions. Welcome to parenthood. Good thing we're fast learners.

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