Saturday, October 24, 2009

Builder Bob

Daniel finally decided to buy some power tools of his very own: a drill, a skill saw, and a jig saw. Obviously, he's very excited and has been keeping himself busy. He's been fixing things and making things for the baby, which is totally fine by me. :-) He made a cute little name plate to hang in her room - it's pink and purple and has a bow on it...who'd have thought?

We also recently had to prepare our little apartment for an inspection from the Housing Authority. They told us that we couldn't have any chipping or cracked paint. Dan went at it with spackle for DAYS. I rather enjoyed the spackling process as it turned from a bright pink to white when it dried - our walls looked like they had chickenpox and were covered in calamine lotion.

Unfortunately, even with all the excitement of getting new tools, we have, of course, had a loss. Dan lost his beloved hammer. He is very upset as he and Tim bought matching hammers to work construction several years ago. And now his hammer is no more. Any ideas on the whereabouts of the poor boy's hammer?

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