Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Next 2 Installments of Daniel's Ridiculousness

Most people talk about the ridiculous things their children do...that's why I have Daniel. He always keep me thoroughly entertained. Here are a couple examples of why:
1) Last week it was incredibly snowy, so I woke up early to take Daniel to school (most days he still rides his bike in the snow). When I came home I poured some cereal, went to the fridge, and realized we were out of milk. I distinctly remember thinking, "This is ridiculous! We bought two gallons this week. We cannot be out of milk already." I thought I'd check in the trash for the empty milk jug to assuage my disbelief, and there it was. And it was full. Sitting under the sink next to the trash. Full. Not empty. Not in the trash. Beside the trash. When asked later if he was especially tired that morning, he replied, "No. Why?"
2) Monday night Daniel fell asleep on the couch while we had friends over. When they left, I tried to wake him up so we could have FHE (Family Home Evening - this is a term we use at least on a weekly basis...keep this in mind). Our conversation went like this:
"Wake up, Dan. We need to have FHE."
"Fishies? What fishies?
"F.H.E. Not fishies."
"Whose fishies?" (Here he started getting irritated)
"You're not awake are you?"
"Yes, I am."
"Okay, well we need to have FHE."
"FHE. What's F.H.E.?"
As I giggled, I repeated, "FHE. You know what that is."
"Oh, FHE," he replied and serenely smiled. "Fishies."
As I could no longer control my laughter, I suggested we go to bed and have FHE later.


Marie said...

Fishies? Daniel is so weird! :) I love that he fell asleep while you had friends over. Such a Dan thing to do!

Shem said...

Hee! Hee! Good stories. :)